Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs aims to transform 16 cities into tech-friendly laboratories

From Andrew J . Hawkins, The Verge

Cities across the country are clamoring for technological upgrades to transform themselves from cities of the past into “smart cities” of the future. Today, Sidewalk Labs says it will help over a dozen cities do just that. The Google smart city spinoff announced today that it will join forces with national advocacy group Transportation For America (T4A) to help 16 cities better prepare themselves for innovations like self-driving cars and ride-sharing apps, as well as share information with each other to find out what works and what doesn’t.

The collaboration is an effort to capitalize on the momentum created by the White House’s Smart City Challenge, a competition for midsized cities to rethink urban transportation using technology like self-driving cars and smart street lights. In June, the top prize was awarded to Columbus, Ohio, which edged out six other finalists to win $40 million in federal grant money to enact its proposal.

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Now Arriving: A Connected Mobility Roadmap for Public Transport

From Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, New Cities Foundation

Transit agencies trapped in a downward spiral of shrinking budgets, diminished service, and declining ridership have begun turning to these companies as complements or even substitutes for traditional modes, to mass transit. This is a dangerous path that practically invites disruption; as on-demand mobility continues falling in price while increasing coverage, transit agencies risk being hollowed out by their would-be partners.

The risk is that a new generation of “choice” riders may choose to forgo both their own cars and public transport in favor of parallel private competitors, consigning vulnerable “captive” riders to increasingly dysfunctional transit systems crippled by a lack of leadership, funding, and political support.

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One Day, Cars Will Connect With Your Fridge and Your Heartbeat

From New York Times

WHEN Bruce Wayne rolled up to his Bat Cave, a roadblock dropped automatically, the camouflaged garage door swung open, the lights flickered on and Alfred was already standing by.

It has been 50 years since that vision of Batman in his tricked-out Lincoln Futura appeared on TV. But now automakers, communications companies and technology companies want to turn every car into an interconnected Batmobile.

“The car is going to become another node in the internet of things,” said Kamyar Moinzadeh, chief executive of Airbiquity, a Seattle software and engineering company specializing in vehicle tracking and telematics.

There are already plenty of examples of car communications, whether it’s General Motors’ 20-year-old OnStar system or Tesla’s expanding ability to monitor its vehicles remotely and even download entirely new software operating systems.

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Zero Road Deaths and Serious Injuries

From ITF

This report describes a paradigm shift in road safety policy, being led by a handful of countries, according to the principles of a Safe System. A Safe System is based on the premise that road crashes are both predictable and preventable, and that it is possible to move towards zero road deaths and serious injuries. This, however, requires a fundamental rethink of the governance and implementation of road safety policy.

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SMART News – October 11, 2016

Dear Friend of SMART,

See below for important dates and announcements in order starting with the most imminent (and don’t forget that SMART’s blog lists exciting events around the world in its global calendar —, as well as exciting jobs, funding, and academic opportunities at


SMART Managing Director Keynoted at the Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum in Hong Kong October 6.

See If you’re interested in New Mobility enterprise activites in Hong Kong, please be in touch with Sue Zielinski at

SMART Welcomed its International Consortium of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) leads to Michigan September 26 – 30.

With support from Business leaders for Michigan and Ford Motor Company and in partnership with Next Energy and Techstars, SMART hosted the first Michigan MaaS Mobility Week. Activities included a research deep dive, a Trade Mission and industry Matchup, a Startup and SME night, and a series of consortium meetings. If you’re interested in Mobility-as-a-Service please be in touch with Komal Doshi at

SMART leads Mobility Solutions Leadership Workshops in Benton Harbor Michigan area Oct 12, in Quito Ecuador October 17, and in Santiago Chile October 25.

The City of Benton Harbor has engaged researchers from the University of Michigan to explore and advance smart and healthy city solutions in Benton Harbor and surrounds — starting with mobility! So on October 12, UM-SMART will lead a SMART multi-modal systems session with local and regional leaders. It is based on the work SMART has done in over 20 cities around the world, and customized to Benton Harbor’s challenges and opportunities. Please contact Komal Doshi at if you’d like to know more. SMART will also lead similar but customized sessions for city leaders and industry and civil society partners in Quito Ecuador as part of the Habitat III activities, and then in Santiago Chile in partnership with Ciudad Viva and CEDEUS.

Oct 13 Automobility 2016 in Dearborn Michigan

(from Automobility) SMART MD Susan Zielinski will speak at this hands-on, fast-paced event. Automobility 2016 aims to provide a road map to the future – assessing the challenges and opportunities as autonomous cars, connected vehicle technologies and advanced mobility services revolutionize the auto industry.

Automobility 2016 provides an open forum for all participants to share ideas. In addition to focused sessions with leading experts examining design, technology, regulatory and business issues, the event will culminate in a unique, interactive exchange among panelists and attendees. This makes it a must-attend summit for company leaders as traditional automakers and suppliers vie with a host of new competitors to transform how people will get from here to there.Read more…

SMART’s MobiPrize award ceremony on Oct 16, 2016 at the HABITAT III International conference in Quito, Ecuador.

UM SMART is delighted that this year the MobiPrize award ceremony (and a series of lively panels) will take place at the HABITAT III International Conference in Quito, Ecuador (Oct 17-20) in conjunction with an exciting line-up of ICLEI EcoMobility Program activities (Oct 16-19).

Honoring entrepreneurial ventures as well as city, state, and national governments supporting New Mobility enterprise, the MobiPrize offers a global platform for showcasing the kind of disruptive mobility innovation that is driving investment throughout the global marketplace. Read more

Oct 17-20 SMART partners with EcoMobility Days at Habitat III in Quito 2016

(from EcoMobility) Quito EcoMobility Days brings ambitious cities together to focus on implementing ecomobility in cities. This week-long series of events will also generate interaction with representatives of national governments and discussions on cooperation among national, regional and local governments for sustainable urban development planning and implementation.

SMART-led activities include the Mobi Award Ceremony; a SMART implementation session for City of Quito leaders and supported by global experts; two lively panels on global mobility entrepreneurship, and a deep dive panel on Mobility as a Service.

The Eco-Mobility days are a rich opportunity for moving the mobility agenda globally. City-to-city exchange activities help participating cities advance their urban mobility agendas and inspire local leaders to make transportation cleaner and more accessible, to create livable public spaces, and to increase safety for non-motorists. Cities have also defined areas for further work on various themes, including urban logistics, shared mobility, and the identification of a stronger link between mobility and health. Read more…


MobiPrize 2015 winner WhereIsMyTransport launches open platform for integrated transport data in Africa!

The first open platform for integrated transport data in emerging cities launches in Africa.

The platform accepts unstructured (and structured) data on any mode and allows others to develop apps and other endpoints with transport information for South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and beyond.

Launched by Grand MobiPrize winners WhereIsMyTransport, the platform provides multi-modal journey planning, fare calculator, and more. Developers can build this information into their products or create new ones to disseminate transport information.

Launching with data for eleven African cities, the company is adding more every day. They actively partner with others who have transport data to share or want to be part of a collection effort. And the price is right!

WhereIsMyTransport has also launched a new blog around technology, transportation, and urban innovation in emerging regions, Interchange.

Link to platform:
Link to Interchange:
Link to WhereIsMyTransport:

Oct 10-14 ITS World Congress in Melbourne, Australia

(from ITSWC) See how Australia is enhancing liveable cities and communities through intelligent transport systems.

“ITS—Enhancing Liveable Cities and Communities” is the theme for the Congress, bringing Melbourne’s reputation as the world’s most liveable city into the spotlight as they explore the benefits that ITS delivers to critical elements of our daily life.

Register as an exhibitor for the 2016 ITS World Congress industry exhibition and join more than 300 exhibitors in over 15,000sqm of exhibition space at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Exhibiting at the world congress provides your company with a truly valuable and unmatched experience that connects you to potential buyers, partners, investors and developers that are rooted in the ITS.


Oct 17-19 The National Shared Mobility Summit in Chicago, USA

(from SUMC) SMART is proud to be on the organizing committee of this great annual conference.Check out the latest developments in carsharing, bikesharing, ridesourcing, microtransit and more.

The summit offers a unique, once-a-year opportunity to:

  • Stay on the cutting edge of shared mobility with updates on the latest research findings, policy innovations and on-the-ground mobility experiments taking place across the globe
  • Network with the newest companies, the boldest cities and the nation’s leading mobility experts and change-makers
  • Collaborate with other transportation and policy leaders to tackle the tough issues and identify new opportunities through interactive workshops
  • Learn, play, innovate and help make our cities work for everyone!


Oct 19-21 LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE) in Singapore

(from SITCE) Themed “Innovating Transport for Liveable Cities,” SITCE 2016 will focus on innovative solutions for urban transport systems. Bringing together authorities, policy-makers, urban planners, transport operators as well as solution providers, the event will set the stage for a meaningful discussion of innovative solutions for issues and challenges faced by all in the business of urban transport.

It includes a trade exhibition, a congress, technical visits and various networking opportunities, and promises a week of in-depth dialogues and forums, exchange of ideas as well as opportunities to expand your business networks. Read more…

Oct 25-27 Meeting of the Minds 2016 in Richmond, CA, USA

(from MOTM) Now in its 10th year, the Meeting of the Minds annual summit brings together 400+ opinion-shapers, policy-makers, leading thinkers and innovators from 25+ countries for two and half days of intensive exchange in thought leadership and cross-sector alliance building. Gathered together, you will have unique opportunities to think critically, ask questions, share tools, identify new best practices, and build lasting partnerships — which make smarter and more sustainable cities possible.

The focus of Meeting of the Minds is the ‘innovator,’ whether you sit inside a large firm, an influential organization, or a start-up. Our 400+ participants are scaling up practical urban solutions, shaping new policies, deploying new technologies, embedding new innovations into mainstream institutions, and blazing new trails where partnerships can flourish. Read more…


(Stanford Ignite) Stanford Ignite Program – Bangalore

(CDIA, Aug 12) KfW to Invest 85 Million Euros in CDIA-Supported Water Transport Project in Kochi City, India

(Skoll, Aug 25) Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs: Strengths and Challenges

(Railway Gazette, Aug 25) Regional link inaugurated

(SOSV, Aug 31) Chinaccelerator Hits Cohort 10

(BBC, Aug 31) Google to expand ride-sharing service in San Francisco


TRB Straight to Recording for All: Climate Resilient and Sustainable Transportation: Strategic Economic and Financial Management Challenges and Opportunities with FAST Act

TRB recorded a series of videos in September 2016 that illustrate how transportation agencies can comply with new requirements under the FAST Act. Specifically, these videos discuss how highway and transit projects can adjust to extreme weather events with regards to economic and management decisions.

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