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Future Industry Leaders Spotlight Award

1. “Future Industry Leader Spotlight Award” Self-nominations are preferred for this category.The award is given annually to bring national industry attention to two women students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies at a U.S. college or university who have thus far achieved an outstanding academic record and demonstrated extraordinary leadership skills within and outside the academic environment. Candidates may be pursuing a degree in any discipline germane to the business of transportation design and construction.

All students who are currently enrolled in a university are eligible, but must submit the following items online:

1. A current resume

2. A complete college transcript demonstrating a GPA of 3.0 or higher

3. An accompanying cover letter that explains:

A) the student’s plans for an industry career

B) Highlight specific leadership roles and activities on campus

C) Highlight specific leadership roles as a student in construction industry-related associations or in the local community

4. Two letters of recommendation from university professors or employers within the transportation field.

5. High-quality electronic image of yourself of 300dpi or higher. JPEG, TIFF, or high-quality PDF are acceptable.

Supporting Documentation

Additional documentation that is recommended and to be used by the judges, may include, but is not limited to (limit 5 files submitted online):

• Biographical sketh

• News articles

• List of awards or citations

• Published works

If the student wishes, his/her resume will be placed in an online database that is available to HR professionals at industry firms.

The winners in this category will be given a stipend to help cover their expenses to the ARTBA National Convention so that they can accept their award in person.

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Porter Prize

Institute for Competitiveness, India is the Indian knot in the global network of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. Institute for Competitiveness, India is an international initiative centred in India, dedicated to enlarging and purposeful disseminating of the body of research and knowledge on competition and strategy, as pioneered over the last 25 years by Professor Michael Porter of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. Institute for Competitiveness, India conducts and supports indigenous research, offers academic and executive courses, and provides advisory services to the Corporate and the Governments. The institute studies competition and its implications for company strategy; the competitiveness of nations, regions & cities and thus generate guidelines for businesses and those in governance; and suggests and provides solutions for socio-economic problems.

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Momentum for Change: Urban Poor

Momentum for Change: Urban Poor from Momentum for Change on Vimeo.

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Tapscott Award

The award aims to bring together and acknowledges the work done by the agencies, companies, associations, NGOs and institutions in India spearheading the digital revolution. The companies will be awarded for the following categories – Collaboration, Openness, Sharing, Integrity and Interdependence.

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The 2014 Ed Bacon Student Urban Design Competition

Recent major advances in driverless technology mean automobiles and their infrastructures are likely to transform American cities in the coming century. What will Philadelphia look like in this future? How will roadways, sidewalks, intersections, signage, traffic signals, and the relationship between buildings, roadways, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles change? We challenge university-level students to re-imagine the right of way occupied by intelligent automobiles and the associated impact on urban design.

First prize is $5,000 USD!

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