Apply for ITF Awards 2016 (Including one Award Supported by UM-SMART) by February 10, 2016!

Earn recognition for you and your company on the international stage by applying to these awards.


The ITF Awards honor exceptional achievements in three categories: the Transport Achievement Award, the Promising Transport Innovation Award, and the Young Researcher of the Year Award. All winners will be announced at the 2016 Summit (18-20 May 2016, Leipzig, Germany) in the presence of transport ministers from around the world. If you have previously applied to MobiPrize, you are a great candidate for these awards!

Transport Achievement Award

The Transport Achievement Award recognizes a demonstrated achievement of excellence in transport provision. The award is open to any organization (governmental and non-governmental), business or individual from ITF member and observer countries. See last year’s winner here.  To apply click here.

Promising Transport Innovation Award (Supported by UM-SMART!)

The Promising Transport Innovation Award recognizes an innovation that has the potential to significantly improve the quality, performance, user experience, accessibility, sustainability or intermodality of the transport offer for the movement of people and/or goods across one or more of the transport modes or through the reduction or elimination of travel. This award is open to any organization, business or individual from ITF member and observer countries. See last year’s winners here. To apply click here.

Young Researcher of the Year Award

The Young Researcher of the Year Award aims to highlight the importance of transport research for sound transport policy formulation and implementation. Applications are welcome by researchers of up to 35 years of age who have undertaken their research in an institution, university or consultancy firm located in a member country of the International Transport Forum. The Young Researcher of the Year Award carries a prize of 5 000 euros. Read about last year’s winner here. To apply click here.



Verizon Powerful Answers Award:

Honoring its ongoing commitment to innovation and social responsibility, Verizon is offering US$6M in prizes for innovators who propose the most innovative solutions to help develop and empower three core areas:

  1. Transportation: How can technology find better, more efficient ways to reduce the complexities of transport and distribution in the physical world?
  2. Emergency Response: How can technology help solve real world issues that plague our first responders and advance the effectiveness of long term relief?
  3. Internet of Things:  Connecting things is making the world smarter and more efficient.  How can your solution impact how cities operate, or change big industries like healthcare and agriculture?

Each category winner will receive $1M, one second prize of $500K and two runners up per category will each receive $250K.

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The First Annual Martin Lowson Paper Award

$500.00 paper award

Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) fosters the development of automation and networking to advance the quality and sustainability of transportation, particularly for our urban areas. ATRA academic committee has instituted an annual paper award to recognize contributions in that area. The objective is to recognize high quality, original work that advances the thought and practice of fully automated, networked systems. The inaugural competition will be 2015. ATRA will accept papers that have been authored and/or published between January 1, 2013 up until the end of March 31st 2015. The papers may have been submitted to journals and/or conferences (in fact ATRA encourages this), or may be unique to the ATRA competition. The emphasis in 2015 is on Automated Transit Networks toward sustainable urban mobility.

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Passages Competition in Toronto

“Infrastructures of continuity in the Horizontal Metropolis”: interventions with major infrastructure projects. How to design the interaction between the stops of the new LRT lines and local pedestrian routes, incorporating passages to improve urban life in the suburbs?

The challenges: designing interactions between the rapid transit systems and local access routes; incorporating passages as integral components of the railway line and stations; helping to bring urban quality to suburban areas.

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inGAGE™ Growth: Kickstart for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

inGAGE™ Growth gives women the inside track on what it takes to launch a new business venture. Designed for busy professionals, inGAGE™ Growth covers the critical phases of launching a new tech startup – ideation, concept valildation, commercializing intellectual property, organizational development, company operations, and formulating capital strategies. Led by experienced entrepreneurs, this comprehensive program introduces the critical elements of launching a new high-growth company.

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Grand Challenges for Engineering: $25,000 Grand Prize

The National Academy of Engineering has outlined 14 game-changing opportunities for the 21st century called the Grand Challenges for Engineering. We want you to review NAE’s 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering, then create and submit a 1 to 2 minute video that shows how achieving one or more of the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering will lead to a more sustainable, healthy, secure, and/or joyous world!