Call for Papers: Achieving Green, Healthy Cities

Paper proposals are invited from elected officials, scholars and practitioners concerned with the following issues:

  • Physical Planning for Healthy Cities
  • Ten-Minute Neighborhoods and Town Centers
  • Healthy Buildings, Healthy Architecture
  • Healthy Transportation Planning
  • How Public Health and Planning Collaborate
  • Counteracting Environmental Health Inequalities
  • Urban Design 
for a Hospitable Public Realm
  • Street Design in the Healthy City
  • Sociable Squares and Special Places
  • Green and Blue in the Livable City
  • Regeneration Projects
  • Lifetime Communities
  • A Green Healthy City for Children
  • Pedestrian Paths
  • Wayfinding
  • Festivals
  • Community Participation in Planning and Reshaping the City
  • Learning from Bristol

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The First Annual Martin Lowson Paper Award

In honor of the inventor of the first commercial PRT system

$500.00 paper award

ATRA fosters the development of automation and networking to advance the quality and sustainability of transportation, particularly for our urban areas. ATRA academic committee has instituted an annual paper award to recognize contributions in that area. The objective is to recognize high quality, original work that advances the thought and practice of fully automated, networked systems. The inaugural competition will be 2014. ATRA will accept papers that have been authored and/or published between January 1, 2013 up until the deadline for submission: October 01, 2014. The papers may have been submitted to journals and/or conferences (in fact ATRA encourages this), or may be unique to the ATRA competition. The emphasis in 2014 is on Automated Transit Networks toward sustainable urban mobility.

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Opening for a tenured associate professor in “social data science” at Telecom ParisTech

Open position Tenured associate professor Social and Economic Science (SES) Department Telecom ParisTech


Telecom ParisTech (also known as ENST, École nationale supérieure des
telecommunications) is one of the most selective engineering “grandes écoles”
(Elite Universities) in France. Located in Paris, it was founded in 1878, and prides itself to have invented the word “telecommunication”.

Telecom Paristech invites applications for a tenured associate professor in the field of “social data science”, to join its department of Social and Economic Sciences (SES), to begin as early as 2015.

Partner of the IDEX Paris-Saclay, member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), Telecom ParisTech is strongly positioned on innovation and information and communication technologies. Its mission is to train engineers understanding the challenges of innovation both from a technological and a socio-economic point of view. To achieve this, it employs faculty members, whose teaching activity extends into advanced research on topics falling in the fields of economics, social sciences and management.

The candidate will reinforce the SES department’s focus on Web use and digital cultures, at the crossroads of major social and economic dynamics (formation of the publics, online demographics, political consequences of ICTs). The position requires research experience in the field of statistical analysis and online data. Proficiency in French is required.


The candidate holds a PhD in the fields of Sociology, Demography, Geography, Media and Communication Sciences, Management or Economics.

The candidate has developed skills in analysis of use of digital technologies, as well as some of the following competencies: social network analysis, audience quantification, web mining, data visualization, machine learning.


The successful candidate will join the SES Department teaching team and participate to the following courses:

Project Tutoring:
Controversy mapping (related to technological innovation);
Student projects (technology, innovation and design);
Continuing Education (monitoring projects and startup creation, especially within the ESSEC Master)
Teaching Social Sciences at Master level (Master Big Data, Master STS, continuing education).


The candidate is expected set up and contribute to research activities in direct collaboration with members of the SES department and research chairs, in order to co-author with other Telecom ParisTech faculty members a steady stream of publications in reference conferences and journals. The candidate will contribute to ongoing research projects conducted within the SES department by bringing a consistent empirical approach, relying on innovative methods of data collection, storage, processing, automation, and data visualization.

Finally, the candidate will help design and manage interdisciplinary and cross-team research projects within the Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation i3 of the Mines-Telecom Institute (particularly, in the area of research “use, participation, democratization of innovation”).

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Two open professorships in Mobility and Urban Studies

ENSPAC – the department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, Roskilde University, Denmark, invites applicants for two open professorships in Mobility and Urban Studies, including interest for qualifications in Urban Planning and in Designing Human Technologies. Look for the announcement here: Dead-line 12 August 2014.


Partnerships for Innovation in Energy: New Funding Round Announced

The Energy Institute’s Partnerships for Innovation in Energy Program seeds new interdisciplinary research programs in sustainable energy science, technology, and policy with funding for a University of Michigan Energy Research Fellowship. This fellowship provides a research team with a postdoctoral position. Successful proposals will combine innovative research plans with concrete timelines for establishing independent funding. Proposals are due on March 31, 2014.

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College for Collaborative Mobility – a two day workshop for students

College for Collaborative Mobility – a two day workshop for students

Deadline for submission is the 24.02.2014

On the 5th and 6th May 2014 the Swiss Mobility Academy organises for the first time the College for Collaborative Mobility „cocomo“ – a two day workshop for students in Bern, sponsored by the Swiss Post. Fifteen students will develop their ideas related to the topic of collaborative mobility and come together with important decision-makers of the Swiss mobility world. The aim of the workshop is to develop „Basic points for a collaborative urban traffic system using the example of Bern” in groups and under the guidance of economy, science and policy experts. There will be the following groups (i.e. thematic focal points): Group A: ‘technological and building infrastructures’, Group B: ‘user demand and public relations’, Group C: ‘service providers and business models’. The results of this group work will be presented at the 2. World Collaborative Mobility Congress on 7th and 8th May 2014 (the two days following the “cocomo”).

Ultimately,  “cocomo” wants to support future mobility experts in the practical development of sustainable mobility concepts and to give students the chance to profit from the know-how of experts while the experts in return receive an important insight in the students’ way of thinking about transportation and related topics.

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