Call for Papers: 2015 International Workshop on Intelligent Transportation and Smart City

In recent years, computing technologies have become increasingly important to our society and our daily activities. In particular, the technologies in relation to transportation systems are significant to the development of various applications. It is essential to apply intelligent transportation and smart city technologies to improve their efficiency and effectiveness on both theoretical and practical perspectives. The 1st ITASC was started as a workshop of The International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized System (ISADS), which was successfully held in Mexico.

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Opportunity for High School Students to Research New Mobility in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is home to the smartest and most sustainable cities in the world. Every day – unlike the United States – millions of residents move around these cities without cars. In Copenhagen, more than half of commuters travel about Denmark’s capital by bicycle. Stockholm, too, encourages Swedes to leave their car at home.

Across the region, there are fascinating examples of technological innovations. Scandinavian cities embrace clean trains, trams and buses. Their infrastructure planning prioritizes bike lanes over car traffic. As a result, urban transport in Scandinavia is spectacular to watch, and more importantly, a valuable model for the globe.

On this trip, they’ll explore these cutting-edge cities that are leading the world in smart planning and sustainable transport. Starting in Stockholm, they will frame the challenge of improving transportation back in our home cities — what could work here and what wouldn’t. And they’ll also have fun, soaking up the local culture, midnight sun and Swedish cinnamon rolls.

The trip ends with a visit to the famed Tivoli Garden Amusement Park, by which time they’ll have assembled a plan for bringing more sustainable, better-designed cities home to our communities.

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U.S. PIRG seeks 21st Century Transportation Campaign Director

PIRG, Public Interest Research Group, is looking for people who agree that America has more problems than we should tolerate, but who also understand that there are plenty of solutions to these problems that we should be putting to use.

They are hiring a Transportation Campaign Director to lead their national transportation campaign to advocate against spending so many public dollars on unnecessary highway expansion and to advocate for better public transit, biking and walking infrastructure, and repairing the roads we already have.

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Second International Conference on Sustainable Urbanization (ICSU 2015), Hong Kong, 7-9 January 2015

The Conference consists of the following 5 symposia which focus on different aspects of sustainable urbanization:

Symposium 1: Emerging Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructure

Symposium 2: Sustainable Urban Renewal in High-Density Cities

Symposium 3: Sustainable Water in Cities

Symposium 4: Urban Data and Urban Computing

Symposium 5: Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Technologies for Buildings

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Spark’s Eighth Annual Official Call For Entry is live

The Spark Transport Awards are part of a series of eight exciting competitions created to promote great design and designers. They invite you to join the Spark Community and enter your best designs.

In this, one of their most exciting new competitions, they will explore innovative transportation developments that exemplify a commitment to using natural resources more efficiently. This unique perspective will shine a spotlight on audacious designs and technologies that challenge the current state of the art. We hope all participants in these many fields and disciplines will tilt their windmills into the wind and send us their Sparks.

Spark Transport includes all modes of transportation design, from vehicles to transit stations, aircraft to electronics.

The Spark Transport competition continues Spark’s core Mission and basic Criteria. All Spark events are international in scope and accept entries from all designers, everywhere.

They invite everyone to participate—student concept and professional transportation designers, art directors, engineers, teachers, design firms, manufacturers, institutions, ad and PR agencies and entrepreneurs—anyone with a great new transport design solution.

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Funding for the U-M Energy Community

The University of Michigan Energy Institute is pleased to solicit proposals for the next round of University of Michigan Energy Research Fellows. The theme of the program remains Partnerships for Innovation in Energy.

Proposals require a team of two or more PIs in sustainable energy science, technology, and policy. Researchers in sustainable energy from all parts of campus are strongly encouraged to apply!

Applications are Due Friday, October 31, 2014 and additional information is located at