Call for Papers: Achieving Green, Healthy Cities

Paper proposals are invited from elected officials, scholars and practitioners concerned with the following issues:

  • Physical Planning for Healthy Cities
  • Ten-Minute Neighborhoods and Town Centers
  • Healthy Buildings, Healthy Architecture
  • Healthy Transportation Planning
  • How Public Health and Planning Collaborate
  • Counteracting Environmental Health Inequalities
  • Urban Design 
for a Hospitable Public Realm
  • Street Design in the Healthy City
  • Sociable Squares and Special Places
  • Green and Blue in the Livable City
  • Regeneration Projects
  • Lifetime Communities
  • A Green Healthy City for Children
  • Pedestrian Paths
  • Wayfinding
  • Festivals
  • Community Participation in Planning and Reshaping the City
  • Learning from Bristol

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Call for Nominations: CUTC Leadership Awards

The Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) is  now accepting nominations for its annual awards program, which honors outstanding faculty, staff and industry leaders for their accomplishments and contributions in the field of transportation research and education.

The 2014 awards include three categories:

The CUTC/ARTBA Administrative Leadership Award honors individuals in a staff position or non-tenure-track faculty position who make outstanding administrative leadership contributions to the transportation field by non-academic appointments

The Distinguished Contribution to University Transportation Education and Research Award is given to individuals who have had a long history of significant and outstanding contributions to university-level transportation education and research.

The Lifetime Achievement in Transportation Research and Education Awardrecognizes individuals who have contributed immensely throughout their professional lives to transportation research and education by working in government, business or non-governmental organizations.

The CUTC Leadership awards are open to all CUTC member schools that are in good standing and there is no limit to the number of nominations that may be submitted from an institution.

All nominations must be completed online at the “Awards” section of byOctober 30.

Contact Kashae Williams at 202.289.4434 or with questions.


Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards 2014

Since it was instituted in 2011, awareness levels for the Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards have grown significantly. This is reflected in the rising participation that has expanded from Bangalore initially to receiving entries from across the country.

The keenness is evident from the number of projects submitted for assessment. Also, the diverse problem areas being addressed indicate the importance among stakeholders to find solutions to make drive quality of life for people.

The Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards aims to reward progressive and practical action in the area of promoting sustainable solutions in urban mobility. The award is given during the Volvo Nobel Memorial Seminar, which is organised under the patronage of the Ambassador of Sweden to India.

This year they will be organising the 4th Edition of the Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards.

Volvo Buses is calling for entries for the Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards 2014.

The objective of the awards is to create a culture of supporting progressive and practical steps, positively engaging the world around us to deliver sustainable mobility & transport solutions.

Stakeholders working on initiatives such as bus transport, commuter rail & metro, cycling, pedestrian safety, urban planning, road planning, and road safety, among others are invited to participate in the Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards.

Volvo Buses aims to use this award to engage with all the stake holders, support them and also learn in the process evolving aspects of sustainable mobility.

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The First Annual Martin Lowson Paper Award

In honor of the inventor of the first commercial PRT system

$500.00 paper award

ATRA fosters the development of automation and networking to advance the quality and sustainability of transportation, particularly for our urban areas. ATRA academic committee has instituted an annual paper award to recognize contributions in that area. The objective is to recognize high quality, original work that advances the thought and practice of fully automated, networked systems. The inaugural competition will be 2014. ATRA will accept papers that have been authored and/or published between January 1, 2013 up until the deadline for submission: October 01, 2014. The papers may have been submitted to journals and/or conferences (in fact ATRA encourages this), or may be unique to the ATRA competition. The emphasis in 2014 is on Automated Transit Networks toward sustainable urban mobility.

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Funding Opportunities from FHWA

The following is a list of funding opportunities posted by FHWA at

Identification of Effective Next Generation Pavement Performance Measures and Asset Management Methodologies to Support MAP-21 Performance Management Requirements
A — Research & Development
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Office of Acquisition Management          Solicitation (Modified)   Jul 22, 2014

Mobile Asphalt Technology Guidance Program (ATGP)
A — Research & Development
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Office of Acquisition Management          Award   Jul 16, 2014

Advanced, Low-Cost Snowplow Visual Guidance System
A — Research & Development
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Office of Acquisition Management          Solicitation (Modified)   Jul 16, 2014

Non Personal Services to Explore New Technologies to Collect Field Traffic Data at Large Intersections
R — Professional, administrative, and management support services
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Office of Acquisition Management          Solicitation (Modified) / Total Small Business       Jul 15, 2014

Non-Personal Services to Explore New Technologies to Collect Field Traffic Data at Large Intersections.
A — Research & Development
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Office of Acquisition Management          Combined Synopsis/Solicitation (Modified) / Total Small Business             Jul 15, 2014

Enhanced Prediction of Vehicle Fuel Economy and Other Vehicle Operating Costs
A — Research & Development
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Office of Acquisition Management          Solicitation (Modified)   Jul 09, 2014

Design of Pavement Preservation Experiment for the LTPP Program
A — Research & Development
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Office of Acquisition Management          Combined Synopsis/Solicitation (Modified)         Jul 08, 2014


Global Call for Transportation Research Ideas

The Transportation Research Board’s Standing Committee on International Cooperation is pleased to announce a call for global transportation research ideas. You are encouraged to submit research ideas that lend themselves to international cooperation and that are of priority and urgency to the global transportation community. Research needs are defined as transportation –related applied problems that could benefit from research studies to address existing knowledge gaps.

The goal of this initiative is to create an inventory of research needs that cross international borders, address shared transportation problems across international borders that can be addressed through cooperation and collaborations of transnational researchers, funders and institutions.

Making the international research inventory available to researchers and sponsors around the world who wish to pursue them increases the likelihood of having those needs addressed. Creating a portfolio of international research needs will add research capacity in the area of international collaborations in research.

In analyzing the submitted ideas, our Subcommittee  #2 on “solicitation of cooperative international research needs” will work closely with the Committee Co-Chairs (as the Committee’s research coordinators) to review, categorize, rate and rank needs and place the list on the TRB research needs statements (RNS) website. The Committee will develop full problem statements for top ranked research ideas and also strive to promote their advancement through existing sponsors, and in collaboration with the idea author(s).

We strongly urge you to submit your research ideas for the first round of solicitation that ends on December 1st, 2014.  Each submission should not exceed 300 words. Each research idea should describe in very brief and simple manner

  • Why the problem is of global importance; and
  • What benefits addressing the problem would yield to the international transportation community.

Please submit your ideas to:

Dr. George Giannopoulos ( & Dr. Sam Elrahman (

Co-Chairs, Transportation Research Board, Standing Committee on International Cooperation.