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SMART Home. um-smart.org describes SMART’s purpose and activities including its projects, research, education, and  global learning community. It also introduces the key movers of SMART and provides ways to get in touch with SMART and engage with its work.

SMART People. This link profiles SMART’s diverse and passionate leadership and steering group. This section is currently being supplemented with new steering group members.

SMART Projects. SMART catalyzes and collaborates in a number of “Living Labs” or pilots, in communities and regions around the world. Living Labs are developed not only for the purpose of understanding and addressing the sustainable transportation challenges and opportunities of particular communities. They also provide frameworks for developing new research, business models, innovations, collaborations, and educational and skills development opportunities that can be adapted and applied elsewhere. For current and ongoing project news, see “Project Updates” in this blog.

SMART Research. SMART catalyzes and collaborates in multi-disciplinary research that spurs and enhances implementation of sustainable transportation systems in communities and regions around the world. It concentrates on integrative approaches, conceptual frameworks, business models, and policies that support accessibility, livable cities, environmental sustainability, and social equity as well as New Mobility industry development and job creation.

Smart Search [Knoogle]. Use it like Google, but . . . the great advantage over the usual Google search is that (a) it is much more compact and focused in its offering, because (b) it scans and reports on the work and offering of the carefully selected key sources that are leading the way.

SMART TV. A Video is worth at least a thousand words. SMART tries to get visuals wherever possible at its own and other events. This is where you can find them.

CARSS. SMART was incubated at the Center for Advancing Research and Solutions for Society (CARSS) and is now a full joint project of UMTRI and TCAUP.

TCAUP home. SMART is a joint project of The Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning (TCAUP) and UMTRI.

UMTRI home. SMART is a joint project of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) and TCAUP.


SMART e-News. SMART shares news and updates on its own projects, research, and activities with over 11,000 readers through SMART e-news, now available on the SMARTsblog. For Archival editions of SMART e-News, visit SMART’s e-News and Events page.

News From The Field. SMART receives up-to-the-minute sustainable transportation news from around the world. News From The Field is a place to share the wealth. Please forward your sustainable transportation news links to Kim Seelye for consideration for posting.

Videos. A video is worth a thousand words. SMART often receives links to videos that say it so much better than words. This is where we post them for your information and enjoyment.


Jobs. SMART often receives links to job postings related to sustainable transportation. If you’re in the job market, check this section regularly. If you are looking to hire in the area of sustainable transportation, please send a link to your posting to Kim Seelye.

Academic and Educational Postings. Occasionally SMART hears of academic postings or opportunities. Check this area if you’re on a search. If you are looking to hire students, post-docs, or professors, or if you’d like to advertise fellowship opportunities, please send a link to your posting to Kim Seelye.

Funding Opportunities. Occasionally SMART hears of opportunities to support sustainable transportation research or on-the-ground initiatives. Watch this area for postings of links we receive from our readers, and send links you hear of to Kim Seelye. Note that we only post what we receive from you. This is not a proactive or comprehensive blog space.

Prizes. Occasionally SMART hears of sustainable transportation-related prizes and competitions. Watch this area for postings of links we receive from our readers, and send links you hear of to Kim Seelye.

Innovations (InspireMobility). On SMART’s blog, we post only the most recent innovation received. For the archives of all the innovations we have received, go to  SMART’s innovation blog, InspireMobility. If you would like to post an innovation you know of or hear about, send your link to Kim Seelye.

Research Updates. Apart from research SMART catalyzes or collaborates in, SMART often hears of great research findings and reports that advance sustainable transportation, so we have decided to post them here. If you hear of groundbreaking or just plain interesting new research findings, please send links to the abstract or report to Kim Seelye.

Policy Updates. Through its wide networks, SMART often receives links to relevant policy developments, which we have posted here. Send links to new policy developments to Kim Seelye.

Project Updates. SMART collaboration projects are changing and moving forward all the time. In this space project partners have a chance to post news of exciting (and challenging) developments. Project partners should send news to Kim Seelye. Note that the SMART website Projects page is currently under construction. We are working on posting project descriptions for our various collaborative project efforts.


Keeping us Honest. Everyone needs feedback. This space helps us benefit from your wisdom and suggestions on what we’re doing.

Review our docs. When SMART or SMART partners develop documents, it’s great to get feedback. If you find something posted here, please send us your very honest feedback.

Suggest improvements. SMART Blog: What do you think and how could we improve it? Give us your honest feedback.

RELATED NEWSLETTERS. SMART receives some great newsletters related to sustainable transportation from around the world. In this space we post them as they come in. Note that this posting is neither proactive nor comprehensive.

RELATED INITIATIVES. SMART receives some great links to sustainable transportation initiatives and groups from around the world. In this space we post them as they come in. See also knoogle, a search engine for news and groups related to sustainable transportation. Note that this posting is neither proactive nor comprehensive.