SMART’s mission is to connect and catalyze research, demonstration projects (living labs), education, and global learning exchange on a range of issues related to the sustainable future of transportation in an urbanizing world.

Action for sustainable transportation is especially important now, as accelerating urbanization, population growth, globalization, and demographic shifts reinforce transportation and development patterns that threaten climate, the environment, biodiversity, energy security, social equity, productivity, urban economies, and livability. Recognizing the complexity of the challenge and the sophistication of the innovation required, SMART takes a systems approach to urban mobility, or more broadly, accessibility. As a university-wide initiative, we work with local and international partners from diverse sectors and disciplines to understand and develop new theoretical perspectives, and to generate and accelerate implementation of practical, innovative, systems solutions. Solutions that tell a holistic and hopeful story for the future of city regions and the people in them.

Recognizing that no single solution will save the day for transportation in this rapidly urbanizing and increasingly complex world, an enormous number of transportation innovations are emerging everywhere. However, these innovations are rarely linked in a way that can provide a convenient, practical, affordable, and sustainable door-to-door trip for the user. The next generation of transportation is all about connecting modes, services, and technologies, bringing diverse innovations together in ways that favor accessibility (meeting needs) over mobility (moving for the sake of moving), and work significantly better for people, economies, and the planet.

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