SeaBubbles wants to be the Uber for waterborne transportation

From Andrew J . Hawkins, The Verge

When our streets become too congested, why not take to the open water to get around? SeaBubbles is a startup that aims to revolutionize waterborne transportation through fleets of sleek, hydrofoil-equipped shuttles designed to make city travel more convenient, leisurely, and sustainable.

Think of them as futuristic water taxis. Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal, a sailor and windsurfer respectively, started the company seven months ago and have already raised $500,000, with a goal of raising $1 million more by next year. Backers include the founder of drone-maker Parrot, Partech Ventures, and the French government-backed BPI fund. The founders hope to have a prototype to show off at next year’s CES, and are aiming to have over a dozen vessels in the River Seine in Paris by summer 2017.

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