Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs aims to transform 16 cities into tech-friendly laboratories

From Andrew J . Hawkins, The Verge

Cities across the country are clamoring for technological upgrades to transform themselves from cities of the past into “smart cities” of the future. Today, Sidewalk Labs says it will help over a dozen cities do just that. The Google smart city spinoff announced today that it will join forces with national advocacy group Transportation For America (T4A) to help 16 cities better prepare themselves for innovations like self-driving cars and ride-sharing apps, as well as share information with each other to find out what works and what doesn’t.

The collaboration is an effort to capitalize on the momentum created by the White House’s Smart City Challenge, a competition for midsized cities to rethink urban transportation using technology like self-driving cars and smart street lights. In June, the top prize was awarded to Columbus, Ohio, which edged out six other finalists to win $40 million in federal grant money to enact its proposal.

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