The world’s best 10 cities for walking?

Author: Philip Langdon

New Urban Network

“There are cities where cars reign supreme, others where a bicycle or public transportation will suffice, and a select few that remain a paradise for two feet,” says Charis Atlas Heelan in introducing a selection of “10 best cities for walking” from Frommer’s, the travel service.

Regrettably, I have been to only five of them. And two of those — Edinburgh and Munich — I visited a long, long time ago. Nonetheless, I have to wonder at such a contradictory list.

According to Heelan’s compilation, available here, the 10 best cities for walking are Dubrovnik, Florence, Paris, New York, Vancouver, Munich, Edinburgh, Boston, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The European cities are easy enough to credit. Of those, Dubrovnik is the most obscure. Not many Americans have been to that old Croatian city on the Adriatic, but Frommer’s photo of the Placa (its main street) and of its Franciscan Monastery is evidence enough that Dubrovnik shares the traits that make many European cities a walker’s delight: pedestrian passages adeptly enclosed by the facades of buildings; generous architectural detail to keep the pedestrian interested; appealing natural materials (especially masonry); and structures that connect present-day visitors to centuries past. All of Frommer’s European picks look appealing to walk in.

Then there are the others.

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